Making ceramic jewellery- 2 day workshop

Making ceramic jewellery- 2 day workshop

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2 part workshop

from 11am -2pm. 

Part 1 - I will demonstrate some ways in which to connect ceramic components and guide you with handling the clay. Then you will have a chance to experiment with pattern, shape, texture and forming the clay. Your work can be 2D or 3D depending on your preference. You will begin to design a jewellery piece, considering your future connections and how they will be made, before it will be fired in the kiln between workshops. Any fixtures will decided upon ready for finishing day the following week.

Part 3 - We will begin to create our piece/s of jewellery. Silver findings can be used to connect the ceramic if making a wearable piece.

The workshop will run from 11am - 2pm over three Sundays, all materials and firing costs are included.

Additional silver can be purchased in week 2 if you wish to create something bigger.

Tea and coffee is available throughout the class, and we will stop for a quick lunchbreak at a time that suits everyone. There is a cafe downstairs, and various bars and cafes in the town centre for lunch. (We are just off South Street) 

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